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What Is The Difference Between Java and Javascript? Explained Simply.

One of the most common misunderstandings I hear from beginner coders (or even experienced interviewers) is confusing Java as a short form for Javascript. To add to the confusion, both languages were developed around the same time and Javascript took some inspiration from Java. Making one believe they must be interrelated languages. While understandable to […]... Read More →

How to Become a Good Software Developer – 7 Tips That Will Make You a Better Programmer

How To Become A Good Software Developer

Introduction Looking back on my journey to become a self-taught programmer, it feels surreal to think I have made it as far as I have. I recall a time when I was confusing the difference between a console.log and a return statement in Javascript! Today, I’m building full-stack applications, working with a professional development team […]... Read More →

Responsive Web Design Principles – A Structured Guide with Tips

Responsive Web Design Tips And Techniques – A Structured Tutorial

Better Responsive Web Design Principles, A Structured Approach Every front-end web developer will tell you that responsive web design is crucial in building a modern website or web app. However, unless you’re a leet coder who is too cool to admit that CSS is frustrating, you would also know that it can actually be pretty difficult […]... Read More →