How To Get LeetCode Premium For Free / Cheap

So you want to know how to get LeetCode Premium for free or cheap? Well, today I am going to share with you a few ideas to help either lower the price of LeetCode Premium or make it totally free!

Although I think it is definitely worth getting LeetCode Premium, I understand that sometimes it just isn’t in the budget. Whether you are a broke student, live in a country that makes LeetCode unaffordable, or if you just don’t want to pay, this guide is for you.

So without further ado, let’s jump in!

Method 1: Share LeetCode with a Friends

Our number one way to make LeetCode cheaper is by simply sharing the account with a friend. By sharing an account you automatically cut the price of LeetCode in half. You could even share the account with multiple people and make it increasingly less expensive.

This method works really well if you are in college. Primarily because you will likely make friends in class that are also looking to find a cheap alternative to studying DSA and are looking for jobs.

As you get older, this becomes a lot harder. As most people aren’t actively studying while they have a job. However, if you can find someone, you can save a lot of money!

Alternatively, if you know someone with a LeetCode account, you can ask them if you could use it. That way LeetCode essentially becomes free.

Method 2: Buy For A Month & Record What You Need

If you can’t find someone to split an account with, you could simply pay for a LeetCode subscription for one month and record what questions you want to study.

Unfortunately, as I’ve stated in the LeetCode Review, certain filtering criteria are hidden in the free version of LeetCode. However, if you simply pay for a single month and record the questions that are under these criteria, you would know what to study even when the filtering is hidden again.

It’s important to note that many questions will also become locked after your account is downgraded. A workaround for this is simply looking the questions up online and solving them elsewhere.

For example, take the question you want to study and search for it on LintCode. A Chinese version of LeetCode.

Alternatively, if you buy the subscription, record what you need, and reach out to support saying you want a refund, it’s possible that you can get this information for free! However, I can’t promise that they will give you a refund.

Method 3: Use LeetCoins

leetcode premium with leetcoins

If the two options above don’t work for you. There is an official way to get LeetCode for free. You can simply use LeetCoins by practicing on the platform and paying for the subscription that way! If you want a free 30-day subscription, it will cost you 5,000 LeetCoins.

Here are a few ways to get LeetCoins by doing regular practice:

  • Log in to LeetCode daily (1 coin, 30-coin bonus every 30 days).
  • Complete the daily challenge (10 coins).
  • Complete all daily challenges for the month (50 coins).
  • Complete 25 daily challenges in a month (25 coins).

You can check out the full list here.

Obviously, this is a pretty time-consuming way to get LeetCode premium. However, it is possible, and it is free!

Method 4: LeetCode Deal Coupons

Finally, if none of the above options work for you, you could always try finding discount codes or waiting for deals.

There will always be times of the year when LeetCode will go on sale. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a deal coupon on dealspotr or download the honey extension and search that way.

However, I find there are always codes available but they never work. This method is worth a shot, but I feel you’ll find better luck from the options above.


So that’s how you can get your LeetCode premium subscription for free/cheap. Your easiest option is to find a friend that has or wants LeetCode premium and split the cost with them. The second best option is to buy the subscription for a month and record the challenges you want to practice. If you want to get a membership by using the platform, you can use LeetCoins. Finally, you can look for discount codes online and get a LeetCode Premium for free that way.

Hopefully, this article has helped you get LeetCode Premium at a discounted price. As always, happy coding and if you want to learn Data Structures and Algorithms, check out this resource!

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