Is HTML and CSS Enough To Create A Website?

So, is HTML and CSS enough to create a website? The short answer is yes, you can build a simple website with just HTML and CSS. However, if you want to start building some really cool websites, and have more flexibility in what you can do, you need to use JavaScript, a backend language, web hosting, and databases. With these domains, you can build anything you want on the web!

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Even an algorithm visualizer in your web browser like this one I built!

Why Are HTML And CSS Enough To Create A Website?

HTML is the code that is used to structure a web page and its content. That means that any text, images, forms, links, and buttons you see on a website are generated with HTML.

CSS is the language you use to style a webpage. It is how you change aspects such as the size, color, and positioning of the elements listed above.

With these two languages combined, you have more than enough tools to build a simple one-page landing page or a business website. If you have information that you want to get across to a potential visitor, and that content never changes and there are no additional actions your user needs to take, you do not need anything else to build a basic website.

However, web development is a lot more than just HTML and CSS. Below we are going to break down the other languages and technologies that are used and why they come in handy.

Other Components That Are Used To Build A Website


HTML and CSS alone can be very limiting. What if you want to introduce functionality to your site? If you look at the example above, clicking a button actually does something here. It starts the visualizer by sorting the bars from smallest to largest. Something like this cannot be achieved with HTML and CSS. We need to introduce a new language, JavaScript!

By using JavaScript, you can essentially change how anything on the front end behaves. You can be as creative as you want here.

Do you want to allow the background of the webpage to change every time you click a button? What about making the page scroll for eternity? With JavaScript, you can manipulate any visual element of the webpage. Resulting in much more interesting and elaborate websites.

If you want to see some examples of really cool websites that utilize a lot of JavaScript to make their web pages interactive, browse through Dribbble, the designs there are really inspiring!

Backend Languages & Databases

So, we found out that HTML, CSS, and JavaScript make up the entire frontend of a website. What if you want to connect a database to your website that your visitors can access?

Well, then you are going to need a backend language. There are plenty of backend languages out there, some you may have heard of. Such as Java, PHP, C#, JavaScript, and Ruby.

There are many websites out there that utilize a backend language and a database.

As an example, think about Facebook. Every time you log in, Facebook has to remember your username and password and process your request to log in. Once you are logged in to Facebook, Facebook also remembers your friend’s list, your posts, and your messages.

All of this data is stored in a database and accessed with a backend language. If you wish to have data like this on your site, you are going to have to implement a backend language and a database.

Web Hosting & Domain

Finally, if you want to connect your website to a domain that anyone can reach, such as, you need to buy web hosting and register a domain name. I personally recommend SiteGround as a web host and NameCheap as the domain name for a beginner on a budget.

By registering a domain name and hosting your files online, you can now show your website to anyone in the world!


That’s pretty much it! Hopefully, this article sheds some light on whether HTML and CSS are enough to create a website.

Ultimately, it depends on what your website needs to do. If it is a simple site to display a predetermined amount of information, then yes, HTML and CSS are enough to create a website. However, JavaScript, backend languages, databases, web hosting, and domain names all play an important role in web development beyond just HTML and CSS.

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