Is Vue.js a Framework or a Library?

Yes, Vue.js is considered a framework, not a library. However, it can be used as a library as well. Why is that? Well because it is a predefined package of code that provides the basic structure to build your entire app.

In this article, we are going to dive into what exactly a framework is and why Vue is considered one. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

What is a framework?

As we stated above, a programming framework is really just a bunch of code put together to act as the base for your web app. Back in the 90s when frameworks started to become a thing, coders were starting to figure out that many sections of a web app needed to be re-invented in almost every web app. Something that we, as programmers, try not to do!

So what did we do? We collectively decided on what would be the best approach to handle these issues and we created frameworks that would handle these issues for us. No longer will you have to figure out the best way to have users authenticate within your app because the developers of Vue, Angular, and, React all figured it out for you.

Using frameworks provide two distinct benefits.

The first is that using a framework is significantly easier and faster than building an app from scratch. It’s the equivalent of using a fully-equipped kitchen or being given an empty room with the tools to build the stove, oven, plates, etc. yourself. You’d probably rather use the fully equipped kitchen to focus on what really matters, the food!

In addition to being easier and quicker, it also provides less buggy code. This is a given for any application because when you have thousands of users developing something, it leads to more bugs being caught and better-written code. When you are the sole developer, all that testing and debugging falls on you. You could be the greatest developer in the world but you can’t outcompete 1000 smart developers. Plus, we all know how lazy we are as developers.

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Why Is Vue Considered A Framework?

Vue is considered a progressive framework. You start with the core library and add on what you need as you see fit. Vue features its own router, state management, testing suites, and a lot more.

vue framework features

These are the same tools that any other frontend framework, such as Angular would provide. The major difference is that Vue is compartmentalized so that you don’t need to use the entire framework if you don’t want to.

These are the tools we were talking about before. Instead of having to start from scratch or use a 3rd party library, Vue includes them in the framework for your convenience.

In addition to this, Vue is popular! You can rely on the millions of developers that have used Vue and thousands that have developed it to test and fix bugs.

Why Is Vue A Framework & React A Library?

This is actually a question I see a lot. While I don’t think semantics matter all that much, there is a very simple answer to this.

Technically both Vue and React are considered a library at their core. The main difference is that Vue provides a variety of other tools as part of the product that encompasses all major aspects of the development process. These features are very similar to what Angular provides. However, unlike Angular, Vue can be used as just the core library, similar to React.

But wait, doesn’t React also have a suite of tools like Flux and Jest too? Well yes, I’m glad you asked. However, those tools are not part of the React library. If they were, React might also be considered a framework.

Ultimately, it does not matter what you call React, Vue, and Angular. The important thing to remember is that you can dismantle Vue and just use what you need, similar to React. Alternatively, you can use its entire suite of tools, like Angular.

Summary: Is Vue a Framework?

To summarize, yes, Vue is considered a framework. It includes an entire suite of tools, such as routers, state management, testing suites, and everything you need to build a complete web app. However, these tools are compartmentalized and you can strip Vue down to simply being the core library.

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