Is JavaScript Dead in 2023?

So, you want to know if JavaScript is dead in 2023? Well, today I am going to explain to you why JavaScript is, in fact, not dead. Nor do I think it will be anytime soon.

It seems that I always hear people saying they just want JavaScript to die. All of these people have their own reasons, but I think it’s unjustified. I don’t think people understand how much benefit the JavaScript language brings to the web development world today.

For that reason, I am going to explain the top three reasons why JavaScript isn’t dead in 2023. Let’s jump in!

1. JavaScript Is The Most Popular Language of 2022 [According To StackOverflow]

Kicking off our reasons why JavaScript is not dead in 2023 comes from the most opinionated source of programming information, StackOverflow users.

According to this study, JavaScript was recorded as the number one programming language of 2022. Followed closely by HTML/CSS, SQL, and Python. Since HTML & CSS are often used with JavaScript and SQL is a domain-specific language, it’s safe to say the next general-purpose language on the list is pretty far from taking the top spot. Even if JavaScript is harder to learn than Python!

Not only that, but JavaScript has also been the most common language in these StackOverflow surveys for 10 full years!

Given this data, I think it’s fair to say that JavaScript is not only far from dead, but thriving in 2023!

2. JavaScript Is Used In Many Programming Fields

But wait, isn’t JavaScript just some poorly written scripting language used for front-end web development? How is it so popular?

Well, although JavaScript began its life as a scripting language for creating interactive front-end web experiences, it has evolved into a truly versatile general-purpose programming language.

Although front-end web development is still the bread and butter of JavaScript development, including being the language behind frameworks like React and Angular, it’s not all JavaScript is good for.

In fact, JavaScript is used in a ton of different programming applications. Such as mobile app development, desktop app development, and Internet of Things (IoT) development.

JavaScript remains a popular choice among developers and is actively being developed and updated.

Even if JavaScript died down in popularity in all of these fields, it still remains the king of frontend web development.

This brings us to our third and last point.

3. JavaScript Is The Only Viable Option For Front-End Web Development

The main reason that JavaScript has never died, and likely will not die anytime soon, is because it’s the best option we have for frontend development.

There have been a lot of technologies that have done their best to replace JavaScript. Just take a look at the long line of programming languages that were designed to compile to, and replace, JavaScript: CoffeeScript, PureScript, TypeScript, and ElmScript.

Of all of these options, plus more, only TypeScript survived. Why? Because the rest of the languages were not revolutionary enough to overthrow JavaScript. Sure, the syntax may have been nicer, with fewer esoteric rules, but it isn’t enough to completely replace a technology.

In addition, certain programming frameworks allow you to write frontend code with a backend language, such as in PHP with the Laravel framework. However, these languages usually only work for most common use cases. You will eventually have to revert to writing some JavaScript once things get more advanced.

There are also versions of programming languages like Python that have been built to work as a client-side programming language using web assembly. However, I also have very low expectations that they will ever surpass JavaScript in popularity.

In order for JavaScript to be replaced in the frontend domain, a programming language is going to have to be developed that covers up some serious problems with using JavaScript. Since JavaScript has been in active development for almost 30 years, that seems unlikely anytime soon.

4. JavaScript Has A Large Market Share

Finally, JavaScript makes up too much of the code being written today to become irrelevant anytime soon. Even if every single person in the world stopped using JavaScript today, there are millions of JavaScript projects out there that will need to be maintained and improved upon for decades.


Overall, JavaScript’s popularity can be attributed to its flexibility, ease of use, and wide range of applications. This makes it a popular choice among developers. JavaScript was voted the most popular language on StackOverflow for the past 10 years and it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon. It is also used in almost every sector of programming and remains the king of front-end development.

JavaScript isn’t dying and there has never been a better time to start coding in JavaScript.

Grant Darling

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